Maintenance Request Information

Please use the Online Request Form below or call us at 608-227-6543 to request a non-emergency maintenance.

If it is during office hours and is an emergency, please call the office, 608-227-6543.

If it is after hours, and is an emergency, please call 608-228-4420.

To determine if your situation is an emergency, please review the list of emergency conditions below.

Emergency Conditions

  1. 1. No heat (November - March)
  2. 2. Water leaks or flooding
  3. 3. Broken toilets (if it is the only bathroom) - Buy and use a plunger first!
  4. 4. Broken/inoperable door lock
  5. 5. Anything that may harm or injure a resident
  6. 6. Natural gas leaks: Call MG&E at 608-252-7111
  7. 7. Fire or smoke: Call 911